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[ENG] Apologize for awaiting... | Read Full...

Hello dear players.

We've been updating the client for several days now and we'll be rolling out a patch very soon.
You will not need to download anything - the Game Launcher will handle everything by itself, just update it in time.
Updates are needed to fix bugs with events / bosses / pets / quest system and give you additional opportunities in the gameplay.
When the timer on the website comes to an end, you will be able to see a complete list of fixes and additions in the game.

Many users ask us to introduce the Donation System to the site. We will also provide the opportunity to purchase a VIP for everyone. The great news is that you can use VIP & WebShop right after the announcement! And most importantly, you can make a great gift for yourself before the holidays! Spend unforgettable winter evenings with us! Our GMs have come up with great Quests for you, which we will also announce to you in the next couple of days!

Don't worry about the balance with the donation in Game. Just like before, you can get literally all things by playing! Just vote for our wonderful MuSplinter, visit and win Events in the game more often, Gain more resets (for each we give 1000 Credits) and of course trade on the Market through our Site! You will certainly succeed! Good luck in the game!

Check back often to our website and be aware of all the events on the server!

Posted 21 / 12 / 2021

[ENG] First Classic GM-Events Results ! Read Full...

Greetings players ! Here you will find the results of the first GM mini-game on the server.
Visit the Web and Game every day and win lots of gifts !

Congratulations to you winners ! If you see your name on the tablo, then you will find your prizes in your in-game Bank.
Thank you for your participation and very soon we will have even more interesting events !

Posted 16 / 12 / 2021

Currently this is only one server.
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